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Offering Gymnastics and Tumbling training to Davenport, IA and the Quad Cities area

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Mission statement:

Evolve Gymnastics and Tumbling was built around the goal of improving young lives through the sport of gymnastics and tumbling. Every attempt is made to offer programs that fit the needs, motivation and skill level of each student, allowing each child to grow at their own rate, by utilizing a Child First mentality in our training. We want to raise good human beings who are also good gymnasts... not good gymnasts who may lack character traits needed for their lives outside of the gym.

Programs are offered from beginner through competitive team gymnastics and training from 45 minutes 1 day per week to 15 hours per week of intensive training. Evolve strives to improve each child's character each day they enter our gym through the challenges and successes they find in themselves and in our programs.

Our Mission

Evolve Gymnastics and Tumbling is dedicated to:

Our students...

To bring joy and fulfillment to each student that enters the gym at whatever capacity they choose to participate in the sport of gymnastics.

The parents...

To provide a service that exceeds the value of the fee you are paying, while becoming part of the important village that raises your most important asset.

Our staff...

To enjoy the thrill of the responsibility of shaping young lives, while providing a fun place to be dedicated to the sport we all love.

Our community...

To raise children into hardworking and responsible contributors to society, and provide a healthy outlet for people to learn the sport of gymnastics and all of the lessons that go with it.

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Whether you're looking for a class for your toddler or competitive gymnastics lessons, our certified gymnastics coaches are trained in it all.

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We teach more than just Gymnastics at Evolve

The sport of tumbling and gymnastics goes far beyond flip flops and handstands. Our amazing staff of educators focuses on teaching our kids to become well rounded athletes and teammates so they can take the skills they learn at Evolve wherever they go in this world.

Enroll in classes today and watch your child build skills in:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Social Skills
  • Strength

Of course, it's also a ton of fun! Your child will love flipping, jumping and soaring through the air.