1. Go to Online Registration tool

  2. Navigate to Logon and enter your information

  3. Navigate to Classes

  4. Select the Class type you're interested in- all of the tumbling classes eligible for new students begin with TUMBLING- with the class title afterwards, all of the gymnastics classes eligible for new students begin with GYMNASTICS- with the class title afterwards

  5. Select the date and time that works for you- If you're unsure on level, please contact our office and we will help walk you through!

  6. You can also enroll in Above the Barre classes with this same login from this same page. Each of those classes that are available are listed under DANCE- if you're unsure which class to enroll in, please visit their website www.AbovetheBarreDanceAcademy.com

  7. Head to our Pricing page for directions to pay!